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Learn the necessary skills to become a truck driver.
You've finally done it - you've decided to go to school and learn to be a truck driver. When you make the decision to start driving a truck, you're in for some major life changes. It can be hard to know exactly where to begin, so here are some tips that will get you behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler in no time flat. Make Sure You Know What You're Doing Before you invest the time, effort and money to be a truck driver, you need to know if it's really a career you're interested in. Many truck routes may ... more
Opportunities in the Trucking industry are taking off.
In the past year, construction hiring increased in 61% of US metropolitan statistical areas, according to a new analysis of federal employment data released by the Associated General Contractors of America. With the industry on the rise, some of the most abundant opportunities are in trucking positions, a WANTED analytics study finds. Construction employers may also feel market pressure when filling Civil Engineer, Maintenance and Repair Worker, and Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver positions. These professions have between 23 to 38 qualified candidates per job opening. These represent the smallest talent pools of the most in-demand construction jobs. The need ... more