Hurricane Sandy Relief Leads to Trucking Jobs

Aid for survivors of Hurricane Sandy has contributed to growth in Trucking hiring.

Trucking job opportunities are expected to be in high demand, the result of cargo shipping needed in the recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy.

Freight volumes rose 3.6% in November as a result of shipments into the Eastern states ravaged by the late October/early November “super-storm.” The DAT North American Freight Index reports the jump is the first from October to November since 1996.

The increase in demand expedites the process for lesser experienced flatbed trucking jobs. says both immediate and high volumes of need for flatbed shipments are prompting companies like Crst Malone to give newer drivers positions.

Demand was not so much as to dramatically impact the overall landscape, though. Reports that the industry has more job openings than applicants persist, yet the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports in its November studies that transport industries did not register significant employment gains.

Impacting the long term sustainability of increased trucking employment, particularly for flatbed drivers, is the health of the construction industry. Materials for construction projects are often transported via flatbed trucks.

The construction industry suffered a dip of 20,000 jobs in November, per the BLS. Still, Sandy recovery’s call for more trucking jobs could last as long as four quarters.