Legislation Opens Trucking Opportunities to Military

Legislation Opens Trucking Opportunities to Military

A bill signed into law this autumn makes trucking career opportunities more accessible for active duty military. The Military Commercial Driver’s License Act of 2012 eases state restrictions on trucking licenses for servicemen and women, a gesture that should help alleviate two pinches on the job market.

Service persons can apply experience gained driving military vehicles to the state requirements for licensing. The act also grants access to the transient military population holding residency in one state, but stationed in another.

A release from the American Forces Press Service explains the benefits of the act.

“Because they move frequently, service members often maintain one state of residency. Service members who leave the military while living in a state other than their state of residency would previously have had to wait 30 days to a year to earn residency," Defense Department’s office of training readiness and strategy director Frank DiGiovanni says.

Integrating veterans into the labor force is a regular topic of conversation, with members of the military returning from Iraq during a slow recession recovery.

Meanwhile, the trucking industry is struggling finding enough workers for the openings currently available. Experienced drivers entering retirement will contribute to a shortfall of 240,000 drivers by 2022, says the American Trucking Association, with an anticipated 330,100 jobs opening in the next decade, accoring U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates.