Trucking Employment Climbs Again With More Opportunities On Horizon

Trucking industry growth in 2015 is on the rise.

Steady hiring in the trucking industry has lifted jobs to numbers near pre-recession heights. Per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the February 2015 gain of almost 3,000 new hires brings trucking to a total of 1.45 million employed workers.


Return from the doldrums of the recession has been consistent from month to month since 2010, save occasional dips.

Trucking's employment gains parallel hiring in construction and retail. That bodes well for prospects into the summer, as the spring and summer months typically lead to a bounce in construction employment. And, as retailers meet demand of traveling shoppers, another potential boon to the trucking industry is on the horizon.'s jobs database features many opportunities in trucking. Get a head start on your search.