Western Trucking Distribution Rankings

Trucking distribution centers in the American West are booming.

A study conducted by an independent location counsel examined the trucking industry and distribution centers around the Western United States and Canada.

Warehousing distribution is among the industries being targeted by state and local economic development agencies to diversify the economy.

The study, conducted by Princeton, N.J.-based The Boyd Co., included 29 cities in the United States and Canada that have railway access.

“It’s more environmentally friendly to ship something by rail than it is by truck,” said Boyd Co. CEO John Boyd. “It’s the equivalent of your SUV getting 400 miles per gallon.”

Of the 29 cities, Las Vegas ranked ninth in operating costs, with an annual expense of $17.2 million. Quincy, Wash., where BMW has a presence, is the least expensive home base, with an annual operating cost of $14.1 million. At $23.6 million per year, Vancouver, British Columbia, is the most expensive, though Los Angeles was the most expensive American city at $20.7 million per year.